Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us with any questions concerning rates. Quotes often vary depending on minimum time requirements, special song requests,
extra equipment needed, mileage charges, extra early set up, holiday dates, or other special event details. We will do our best to accommodate to your budget. Call or email anytime to discuss.

Yes. A word document contract will be emailed to you for approval, then signed copies mailed. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Paypal.

Yes. However, the musicians’ instruments must be protected from direct sunlight,
 moisture/rain, and temperature extremes. A tent, shade from a building, or canopy covering will be required to block the direct sunlight and/or rain at most locations. A very shaded, sun blocked area for the band may work if there is also a rain plan in place. Musicians prefer not to play outside in temperatures below 65 degrees or in extreme wind. Ask your location coordinator about the availability of power outlets to accommodate lights, amplifiers, etc.

Yes. When asked to travel outside of the New Orleans area, we sometimes include a travel expense. The travel arrangements (car mileage/plane tickets, etc.) will be stated clearly in your contract.

Generally, dress is formal black or dark suit and tie. You may select tuxes/formal wear, Suit and tie/semi-formal, or special casual attire.

If you would like to hand pick an ensemble for a wedding or special event, we will do our best to accommodate your ideas.

Yes. We work with church-provided organists and other instrumentalists and vocalists; although, the same music selections may not be available.

4 x 6 ft. for up to three musicians, 6 x 10 ft. for quartet to five musicians, 10 x 12 ft. for 6 musicians. One electrical outlet is required for any musicians who bring electrical amplified instruments, microphones, and/or PA speakers. We can provide all other equipment needed including up to 200 ft of extension cord. We ask that arm-less chairs be provided for many different ensembles, and we are in touch with your venue representative as well as any private coordinators in advance of the event to ensure that all power requirements and other necessities of that nature will be available.

The musicians will arrive 30-60 minutes before their designated start time for smaller groups, and 2-2.5 hours before start time for larger bands. This time is spent setting up, hiding cases, going over details with coordinators, rehearsing special requests, etc. Arrival times are always at least 30 minutes before the designated start time.

We will work with your schedule or otherwise follow the default break policy stated in the contract.
The default policy is one 10 minute break for every hour of playing; however, breaks can be arranged to best fit your schedule for the evening. You are also welcome to request specific recorded music be played during the band’s break; otherwise we will provide appropriate recorded music.

If musicians will be at your event for more than 3.5 hours (including set up time) a plate of sandwiches, appetizers, or meal is greatly appreciated. Let me know if you will be extending any food and/or beverage invitations; musicians will otherwise make arrangements to bring or buy their meal during one of the breaks. The musicians do not need to eat in the same area with your guests; arranging for a break area for the band is also greatly appreciated. We are always keenly aware of the time restraints and adhere to the schedule regarding breaks so as not to interfere with any schedule that may be in place.

We welcome special requests, no matter how unique. Some sheet music or arrangement fees may apply, but you will not necessarily be charged for a song that is not on the song lists provided.

A gratuity charge is not included in our contracts, and tips are not mandatory.
If you choose to thank musicians for their wonderful service, a tip is very much appreciated.

Yes. We offer a variety of sound packages with wireless microphones, PA systems, and sound engineers.